What is a catamaran charter?

Grand Nautic Blog

05 November 2019

Catamarans are a great option if space is a priority, particularly for a family catamaran charter. They provide more interior space, so guests can enjoy various areas without getting in each others way. Also, the two hulls and cabins offer greater privacy so they are also the best option for a honeymoon catamaran charter. In calm conditions catamarans give a stable, comfortable ride, making sure that guests are comfortable and sea sickness is not an issue. Catamarans are also smoother during night because they won’t rock around. You may find some of your charter destinations are in shallow waters and catamarans are can help in reaching all destinations perfect for scuba-diving. Their hulls are shallower than on yachts and you’ll be able to get closer to shore which makes almost all destinations accessible.