Terms of payment apply to all destinations

CHARTER FEE: 50% of the charter fee is to be paid within 5 days of signing the charter agreement, while the remaining 50% is to be paid 4 weeks before the yacht charter.

APA: Advanced Provisioning Allowance is to be paid at the latest 4 weeks before the yacht charter. This amount will be used to pay the costs incurred during the charter, such as marine fees, fuel, food, beverages and all other costs not included in the charter fee. Any overpaid APA amount will be returned to the charterer by the captain at the end of the charter. In case the costs exceed the paid APA amount, the charterer will be asked to pay the outstanding amount directly to the captain.

DELIVERY/REDELIVERY FEE: if applicable, any such fee is understood to represent the costs for the delivery of the yacht to or from the marine or the port other than the yacht's homeport. Delivery/redelivery fee is to be paid 4 weeks before the yacht charter.

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