1.      What are the most popular charter destinations in Europe?

 Even though there are many popular European tourist destinations, there are a few in particular destinations that take the crown. If you are going for a luxury yacht vacation in Europe, the French Rivera is one of the top locations. Continuing on, a prime yacht destination Croatia, then would come Greece offering never-ending seaviews, Italy with its amazing tourist yacht islands and of course Spain for its endless sandy sea coast.


2.      Where in Croatia should the yacht charter or gulet charter begin?

 Croatia, which has become a famous luxury yacht location has expanded its charter firms all over its seacoast. With this, guests have plenty of choices from where they would like to start their summer luxury gulet charter.  Some guests prefer to start at the most southern point which is Dubrovnik, and then work their way up the coast, while others prefer it opposite. With this being said, the main route for any Split gulet charter or Dubrovnik gulet charter is from Split to Dubrovnik.


3.      How much ahead should I book my charter?

 If you want to make sure that you find the perfect gulet, catamaran or mini cruiser for your luxury charter getaway, then we recommend that you book your charter for these vessels at least one year in advance. To find an available luxury motor yacht, we advise that you book your Croatia vacation yacht charter one year to half a year before.


4.      What are the charter departure days? 

 Well this mostly depends on the charter destination that the guests choose. In Croatia, yacht charters usually begin and end on Saturday’s.


5.      Can we wear shoes while on the yacht?

 Because most yacht decks are made from teak or another kind of wood, most vessels have a ,bare foot’ rule.  Even if the vessel allows you to wear shoes aboard, make sure that the shoes are soft-soled as to make sure to not damage the wooden deck.


6.      What is the usual tip for the yacht crew?

 Even though this is something that solely depends on how satisfied you were with the crew’s hospitality, the usual amount of tip that is given to the crew is 15% of the neto charter fee.


7.      How to book a charter?

 Don’t be afraid, it’s not complicated at all. Firstly, once you have found a luxury vessel that you are interested in on our website, you will find on the right side a section where you can directly send us an enquiry for that yacht. Once you have filled out the needed information and sent your enquiry, you be getting a response from our team shortly. Our email will be formed as an offer where you will get information about the price, what is included in the fee, what is not included and other details. Once the offer has been accepted and all needed changes have been made, we carry on to making a final contract. This contract will be a finalized document where all information about payments and details about the charter will be written and of course signed by all parties. Payments are to be made in two instalments. The first instalment which is 50% of the charter fee, is to be made right after the contract has been signed by everyone and the second instalment for the other 50% plus extras is to be made one month before the beginning charter date. And that’s it, you are officially going on your summer luxury yacht getaway. Of course, if you have any questions in regards to any yachts in particular and cannot find the answer on our website feel free to write as an email and we will answer as soon as possible.


8.      Who makes the itineraries for the charter?

 We do have some sample itineraries prepared for the popular Croatian seacoast destinations which we send to our guests once we see what yacht they are instead in, but the guests are free to express their desires and wishes to the captain. In correspondence with the captain and the possibilities of the yacht an agreement will be made that best suites both.


9.      Can we select the menu for our charter?

 For any luxury vessel charter, once the charter has been finalized the guests will get a preference list sent to their email. On this preference list you will write all the information pertaining to your likes and dislikes. You will be able to write what types of cuisines you prefer, is anyone a vegetarian, if there are any allergies, what you would like to be served as breakfast, what type of drinks you would like, what types of wines and champagnes and so on. This is a very detailed form and it is important to fill it out and send it back in time so that the yacht can be prepared in time for your charter.


10.  What can we buy in Croatia as a souvenir and where?

 In almost all the places that you will be visiting during your top luxury Mediterranean charter there will almost always be a store where souvenirs are offered. Some of the most popular souvenirs to get while in Croatia would be: a tie, a very special lace that is made on the island of Pag, handcrafted items made of wood and ceramic or some delicious homemade spirits.


11.  Where to shopping in Croatia during the holidays?

On the Croatian seacoast, you will find numerous amount of street boutiques just waiting to be visited. If you prefer a wide range of stores, then we advise visiting Split which has many large shopping centers, as well as in Dubrovnik.