Located in Southern Europe in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, well known for its history and heritage, fashion, gastronomy, fascinating towns and incredible natural beauties Italy is a world known tourist destination. With its islands Italy has a 7.600 km long seacoast. Belonging to Italy are two of the largest and most popular islands in the Mediterranean Sea: Sicily and Sardinia. The most visited Italian yacht charter areas are Amalfi coast, Aeolian Islands, Sicilian and Sardinian coastline.  The climate in this area is the stereotypical Mediterranean hot climate with lots of sunshine and a few warm breezes what is ideal for yacht charter holidays.

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General info


  • 294,020 square kilometers, with an additional 7,210 square kilometers of territorial waters.
  • Population: 60,589,445
  • The majority of the population is Italian followed by Romanian, Albanians and Moroccans.
  • Capital city: Rome (2,873,874 residents in 1,285 square kilometers)
  • Including the islands, Italy has a coastline and border of 7,600 kilometers on the Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian seas and borders shared with France, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, San Marino and Vatican City
  • Number of islands, islets and reefs: 458 divided between 356 maritime islands, 65 lagoon islands, 33 lake islands and 4 river islands
  • Official language and alphabet: Italian language and Latin alphabet.


The coastal regions have mild winters and warm and generally dry summers with Mediterranean climate stereotype.

The average inland temperature:

August 20 – 25 °C
January 0 – 2 °C

The average seaside temperature:

August 22-27 °C
January 8-13 °C

Water temperature:

The water temperature gets up to 27°C in August, which is more than comfortable enough for a swim. In July and September, the Mediterranean Sea is 25°C warm on average.


Euro (€ EUR). Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks, currency exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies, hotels, marinas.