Located in Southern Europe in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, well known for its history and heritage, fashion, gastronomy, fascinating towns, and incredible natural beauties Italy is a perfect destination for  Mediterranean yacht charter.

Italy has a 7.600 km long seacoast, perfect to explore on a yacht charter holiday. Two of the largest and most popular islands in the Mediterranean Sea belong to Italy: Sicily and Sardinia. The most popular Italian yacht charter areas are Amalfi coast, Aeolian Islands, Sicilian and Sardinian coastline. 

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General info


  • 294,020 square kilometers, with an additional 7,210 square kilometers of territorial waters
  • Including the islands, Italy has a coastline and border of 7,600 kilometers on the Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian seas and borders shared with France, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, San Marino and Vatican City
  • Number of islands, islets and reefs: 458 divided between 356 maritime islands, 65 lagoon islands, 33 lake islands and 4 river islands


The coastal regions have mild winters and warm and generally dry summers with a typically Mediterranean climate.

The average inland temperature:

August 20 – 25 °C
January 0 – 2 °C

The average seaside temperature:

August 22-27 °C
January 8-13 °C

Water temperature:

The water temperature gets up to 27°C in August, which is more than comfortable enough for a swim. In July and September, the Mediterranean Sea is 25°C warm on average.

Demographics and culture: 

  • Population: 60,589,445
  • The majority of the population is Italian followed by Romanian, Albanians and Moroccans.
  • Capital city: Rome (2,873,874 residents in 1,285 square kilometers)
  • Official language and alphabet: Italian language and Latin alphabet.


Euro (€ EUR). Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks, currency exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies, hotels, marinas.