7 days French Riviera route from Antibes

This is a great route for any French luxury yacht cruise.

  • Day 1 (from 12 noon) - Antibes – St Tropez ( NM)

    The Captain and crew will welcome you on board with a refreshing welcome drink. After settling down, the Captain will give you a short safety briefing. After being informed the yacht will start its cruise towards Antibes and towards St Tropez. The yacht will anchor off Pampelonne Beach, a short distance further from St Tropez. Get ready for a fun and exciting day because the tender will be taking you ashore to the famous ‘Club 55’ where you will have a delicious seaside lunch. This restaurant is top of the line and will provide you with a wonderful French cuisine. Reservation to eat lunch here is obligatory and must be booked many weeks in advance to acquire a table. After enjoying your meal, you are ready for some relaxation. The tender will pick you up at the beach and you will be taken to Bastide Blanche. This tiny secluded beach is accessible only by yacht and truly quiet and exclusive. This is the perfect place for some resting, relaxing and swimming. In the evening the anchor with be thrown at St Tropez for some well-deserved sleeping. St Tropez is the place to wine and dine on your and explore some new Mediterranean French cuisines.

  • Day 2 - St Tropez – Îlesd’Hyères ( NM)

    Behind some hidden heather the yacht will anchor in one of the small secluded bays which are covered in scented myrtles and pine trees around Île de Porquerolles. This is the largest island of the group. You will get the chance to enjoy the crystal waters surrounding the underwater reserve, that has plenty of protected marine life and is filled with fish, making it one of the best places to snorkel in Europe. Dinner is a must at ‘Mas de Langoustier’. This restaurant is one of the absolute must visit on the Côte d’Azur – and once again reservations need to be planned ahead.  If the is weather nice, the yacht will anchor off Île de Porquerolles for a night under the stars.

  • Day 3 - Îlesd’Hyères – Cannes ( NM)

    Early in the morning, the yacht will reach Cannes. Shopping is a must and you can experience and visit the numerous boutiques while on your Cannes luxury yacht charter. If shopping is not for you feel free to spend your day relaxing, while the yacht will head out to one of the nearby sandy beaches, for you to swim, tan and drink a refreshing cocktail. For those who are feeling adventurous, a car will collect you from Cannes and take you for a 30-minute drive to Grasse – the beautiful smelling perfume capital of the world. After the breathtaking views, cosy streets and flower filled fields, the car will you pick you up and take you to the yacht, just in time for cocktails. During the summer, get ready for some amazing festivals and fireworks while in Cannes. Also get ready for the numerous top of the line restaurants that are just minutes away from the yacht and at your disposal.

  • Day 4 - Cannes – Villefranche ( NM)

    Why not take a swim in the bay, before breakfast? It is one of the warmest places to swim. After a quick swim, get ready for some breakfast while the yacht heads out to the two islands of Lérins – Île St Honorat and Île St Marguerite. Île St Honorat is a small secluded forested island – the smallest and most southern of the Îles de Lérins. The island is the location of a monastery since the 5th century. Today, only monks inhabitant this island making it very peaceful. Except for the ruins of the 11th-century and the monastery on the sea’s coast, much of the monastery is surprisingly modern. Be sure to try their homemade wine and honey which have a truly unique flavour and feel free to ask the monks to help in organizing worthwhile tours of the island. After exploring this little gem, in the late afternoon, the yacht will cruise to the neighbouring Île St Marguerite and will anchor at the base of the fortress for some adrenaline watersport activities. The fortress is famous as the home to ‘the man in the iron mask’ and is very imposing on the skyline. After a day full of exploring, you are ready to relax in Villefranche – your home for the evening. Set in the heart of one of the world’s most beautiful bays, Villefranche-sur-Mer sits on the terraced hills of the Riviera – gazing out over the endless sea.

  • Day 5 - Villefranche – Monaco ( NM)

    While watching the wonderful sites of Villefranche in the morning, breakfast will be served. After getting ready, the yacht will take you to St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat on an early route to Monaco. The cruise will stop at St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, which is an excellent location and one of the nicest places on the Mediterranean coast. It’s warm sea breezes makes it a favourite holiday destination among international millionaires. In order to enjoy the beauty of St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, get ready to leave the yacht and visit on foot, wandering along the coastal paths and the port promenade. At the top you will find the; ‘Grand Hôtel du Cap’, hidden behind a stunning garden and making it one of the most wonderful palace on the Mediterranean. Enjoy lunch while cruising over to Fontvieille/Monaco where you will be anchored for the night. Here you will get another chance to explore the boutiques of Monte Carlo. There are so many delicious places and restaurants to visit in Monaco. Casinos, clubs, restaurants are all at your disposal making your Monaco yacht cruise that more unforgettable.

  • Day 6 - Monaco – Beaulieu ( NM)

    Shopping will surely ware you out so its definitely time to unwind at the well-known Paloma Beach, for a day full of pure relaxation and water sports. Always at your disposal, the captain and stewardess onboard will look after all the foods and drinks. Before the short journey to Beaulieu a very beautiful resort, an aperitif will be served. The two main streets are lined with shops and open market sales of local produce. As well, Beaulieu has many great restaurants and cafés, where you can enjoy some fresh brewed coffee. Here you will experience the true beauty of France. Beaulieu even today continues to be a high-class destination, with a true Mediterranean style. The luxurious properties, beautiful parks and gardens, as well as the extravagant limousines which you will come across in Beaulieu, all remind you that this is the heart of the Côte d’Azur. In the evening, you may decide to dine at the popular ‘African Queen’ a high-end  restaurant, based in the port. This restaurant has nothing but top professional service and one of a kind cuisines.

  • Day 7 - Beaulieu – Golfe Juan ( NM)

    After a great breakfast and a relaxing morning, the yacht will cruise out of the marina and across the water for lunch at Millionaires’ Bay, as the name suggests, is home to the rich and famous. Relax on deck and enjoy the spectacular scenery and for some much needing cooling down, why not water ski or take a swim? This is the best place to do both. After a refreshing glass of champagne, the yacht will cruise to its evening destination, Port de Golfe Juan. The reason for including Golfe Juan in the itinerary is to give you a real insight into true French life. Golfe Juan is full of history and is remembered as the place where Napoleon first landed on his return from Elba.

  • Day 8 (until 12 noon) - Golfe Juan – Antibes ( NM)

    After an adventurous luxury vacation the yacht will anchor after breakfast and slowly cruise back along the beautiful French coastline, where you will disembark at noon.