Grant Nautic Charter Tips

Don't Forget...

Charter Tips #2

For all our soon to be new charter guests as well as our returning charter guests the Grandnautic staff has made a checklist of all the things needed for you and your guests to have an unforgettable yacht charter experience. With so much excitement and so much planning going on, we want to help to make sure that nothing is forgotten, so here is a list of just a few things you should probably bring:

✓ Your wallet- which should include: some form or ID (passport, id card) and don’t forget your healthcare card- just in case!

✓ Cell phone and it’s charger- you will need lots battery to take amazing pictures while on your charter. Don’t forget to send them to all your friends back home smiley

✓ Bathing suits- 7 days of swimming, sunbathing and water fun, you don’t want to forget this

✓ Sunscreen/sunblock- the sun is always fun, unless you have too much fun. Bring some just to be sure.

✓ A fancy evening outfit- Pack an outfit or two for a fancy evening dinner on board or on land

✓ Cosy pyjama’s- to make sure you get a good night’s rest, ready for the adventures tomorrow

✓ A SMILE smiley - spread some positivity and don’t worry! The Grandnautic staff and crew on board have everything ready and prepared. It’s time to lay back, relax and enjoy your luxury yacht charter Croatia.