Grant Nautic Charter Tips

Magical Croatia. Find out why...

Charter Tips #4

Croatia might be a small Mediterranean country, but it’s her local life that makes her magical.
Croatian's are known to be very communicative and positive people, always ready to help a foreigner and give some advice. While exploring Croatia, feel free to stop and ask any domestic pedestrian for some tourist attractions to see and delicious home cuisines to try. English is spoken widely throughout all of Croatia, so a language barrier shouldn’t be a problem.

During the summer season, the days are extra-long in Croatia. Not only because the sun is out for very long, but also because tourists love to enjoy the warm nights walking along the seacoast or exploring the towns and cities. Yes our sea water is salty, but not to worry because all other places where water is available, it is drinkable water. No need to buy water bottles or juice. Croatia is a very warm country, not just meteorologically but by its culture.
People are very friendly, the days are bright and nights are comfortable.

Croatia has a very historic past making her towns and cities filled with sites to see. Tourists are bound to find at least one church or chapel in every location, if not more. Most of these religious sanctuaries are centuries old and have a rich historic story.

Many tourists have said it before and we will repeat it here again: Croatia is a country that is hard to describe in words, instead come to Croatia and create your own story.