What is a gulet charter?

Grand Nautic Blog

05 November 2019

A gulet is a traditional looking pine wood boat that originates from Turkey. In day of age on the sea coast there are many modern charter gulets but there are also a large number of traditional charter gulets. The interior of most gulets is made of wood such as: teak, mahogany and ebony which gives it a very rich and cosy ambient. Both the modern and traditional gulets offer accommodation that is similar to a hotel. Usually all cabins are en-suite and include everything you would find in a hotel room: a double bed, linen, towels, and all other accessories. The cabin configuration varies from the size and design of the gulet. It truly all depends on which gulets suits the guest. On the market there are available smaller charter gulets and larger ones. Larger gulets can be used for various occasions, such as a wedding gulet charter or it can be turned into a party gulet charter. Gulets offer a perfect setting for a good night sleep. The waves slightly rock the gulet from left to right which puts all guest’s right to sleep. Keep it simple and enjoy a summer gulet holiday because for many, the spaciousness, the high level of comfort and the array of modern entertainment and leisure facilities win every time for any gulet charter vacation.