Yacht charter on a mini cruiser

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Yacht charter on a mini cruiser
05 November 2019

These mini cruisers deserve a category for themselves. They are classified as such only because they do not fit into any category of yachts. They are custom built motor yachts and some of them even have sails. So in essence they are a yacht and sailboat in one, but larger. Sounds complicated, but it’s very simple.
Due to their customized layout, they are able to provide the perfect accommodation and living areas. Mini cruisers differ in size, number of cabins, design and price which gives guests a wide range of options. There are smaller cruisers with 6 cabins up to bigger ones with 19 cabins, for up to 40 guests, which all depend on the needs of the guests. The biggest advantage of mini cruisers is the large and comfortable accommodation as well as the enormous outdoor living areas. That´s what makes these mini cruisers unique and very attractive for any large event mini cruiser.  Mini cruisers are perfect for big family gathering charters, teambuilding charters, business charter events, birthday charters or any other celebration that you would like celebrate.